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Oct 17 14

Too Clingy For Me

by Richard

I noticed that my fuck buddy has been getting a little too clingy lately. He was never like this, we have been seeing each other on and off for over five years. We used to only see each other a couple times of month and now it seems like it is almost every other day. Neither one of us agreed to this from the beginning stages of this no strings attached relationship.

Right now I am just going to sit back and see what happens, maybe he has something going on in his life that he has not told me yet. I was worried about having a buddy because I never wanted anyone’s feelings to get hurt, I love to be single and hang out in the nightlife by myself often. As he gets older in age, I am wondering if he is wanting to settle down. I hope not!

Oct 16 14

Business Trip To Remember

by Richard

I had a business trip that would require me to be in Manchester for 6 days. There was no way I wanted to be alone. I had heard it through the corporate grapevine that Manchester escorts would provide companionship for me, and as an added bonus, the lady that would be sent over would be quite the little trophy for all the business dinners and seminars I would need to attend over the next week. I made my arrangements, and this beautiful little brunette with olive skin and hazel eyes was next to me in no time. She knew just when to speak, and when to remain quiet in the company of my business associates. I was beyond pleased by the end of the week. She, and Manchester, were unforgettable.