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Jul 1 15

I’m A Man On The Hunt

by Richard

I used to be married, but I’m glad that’s not the case anymore. To be honest, I was never happy when I was married. I only thought I was happy. I kept asking myself if I could really get the most out of life by limiting my relationships with other people. Obviously, I kept coming to the same conclusion – no. All the best times in my life were when I got to know females who piqued my interest. The hunt is an exciting event for me, one that makes me feel very alive.

While meeting women in public can be fun, you never know if they’re involved with someone else. The only way to detect something like that is with a ring. I’d rather not worry about it and go straight to a fuck buddies casual sex dating site, where I know women are looking for men. Using these sites has made my life more exciting than ever before and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is single.

Jun 22 15

My Friend is Driving Me Crazy

by Richard

My friend is totally adorable, but can’t seem to land a guy. She’s gotten so frustrated with the dating scene that she refuses to do anything but be around me all day. I mean I love hanging with her and all, but I have a man that I must spend quality time with. Unfortunately, she doesn’t understand this and calls me a crappy friend. I mean she literally lives at my house, eats breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner with us. I couldn’t take it anymore so I recommended her to try out Manchester escort agency just so she could have a little fun. It took some teeth pulling, but she actually tried it out. Ever since her first night out, I rarely see or hear from her. Me being her friend, I was starting to worry about her. It turns out that she’s been using a Manchester escort several times a week and absolutely loves it.

May 29 15

My New Business

by Richard

I was searching online for different business’s I could post my business’s information on and I came across some interesting sites and numbers. The first business I contacted was Leeds escorts, after calling them I tried a few local hotel sites to hopefully bring in some customers during the hotels busy season. This is my first time ever promoting a business and so far I think I am doing a decent job. I am a very organized person, therefore I will not lose track of sites I have called and ones I haven’t. I keep a very detailed list hung up on my wall just above my desk. It makes it easier on me to just look up and run my finger quickly down a printed, checked off list. So far I have made it half way down my list, and got my business’s number posted on eleven sites so far. I am feeling confident that by the end of next week I will have new customers rolling in.

Apr 26 15

Stupid Me

by Richard

This morning was the earliest I have woke up in a long time. The reason for it you ask? I ended up falling asleep next to my MILF fuck buddy last night, which is a huge “no no” for me. We usually don’t do anything but sleep together but last night we figured we would have a few drinks before we got started. Needless to say I had a few to many and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was done for. I felt so awkward waking up this morning that instead of waking him up, I just grabbed my purse and pretty much ran out the door. I haven’t received a phone call or anything either, so I hope he is not mad at me for leaving so quick or falling asleep at his house. I guess I will not know that answer until he calls me.

Nov 16 14

Smelly Client

by Richard

My name is Melanie and since I have been twenty years old I have worked for the Sheffield escort agency. What can I say…I love to have money and can have sex all day long. I can say that this has turned out to be a great career for me. It does have its ups and downs and sometimes you end up in places that you don’t want to be in, which happened to me not to long ago.

My boss sent me over to this really crappy hotel that looked like it was ready to collapse. I walked in and the dark room smelled of beer and some other funky odors. The man looked like he did not shower for days. Also he did not pay me exactly what he was supposed to so I will not be paying him any more visits. I told my boss never to send me over there again!

Nov 7 14

Alone Again For The Holidays, Not This Year!

by Richard

Wow its the Holidays and my job always has this huge party. Everyone brings dates and has a great time. Last year, I sat there feeling so sad and lonely. After my last break-up, I can’t even think about seeing another man. If only I could find someone to go with, I am tired of feeling like I am all alone.

I was not always this way. I had a great relationship that lasted for years, after marriage and 2 kids, I was no longer important in his life. Now, I find myself all alone and needing a date for the holiday parties. My friend had recommended Leicester escorts. She told me I would be able to get a great looking date and I could have fun. I have never used an escort service, but I really could use a good night out, I mean honestly, what can it hurt?

Oct 17 14

Too Clingy For Me

by Richard

I noticed that my fuck buddy has been getting a little too clingy lately. He was never like this, we have been seeing each other on and off for over five years. We used to only see each other a couple times of month and now it seems like it is almost every other day. Neither one of us agreed to this from the beginning stages of this no strings attached relationship.

Right now I am just going to sit back and see what happens, maybe he has something going on in his life that he has not told me yet. I was worried about having a buddy because I never wanted anyone’s feelings to get hurt, I love to be single and hang out in the nightlife by myself often. As he gets older in age, I am wondering if he is wanting to settle down. I hope not!